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Analog phone number
Now any interested person can, having used our services - to connect to itself a straight line city, analog phone number, with a wide choice of additional possibilities. (More in detail)

Service ISDN
Thanks to technology ISDN (Integrated service digital network) now there is a possibility to connect completely a digital output on all services of telecommunication AspanProTech (More in detail)

Uniform number
One of additional services AspanProTech for work with telephone numbers.
Uniform, general number with readdressing on any another. (More in detail)

Data transmission network

The high-speed Internet
The line allocated the Internet is the most qualitative, fast and reliable kind of access to a network the Internet, with the warranted speed. (More in detail)

IP VPN virtual, private networks
This service will allow to create a private, virtual network and to unite all structural divisions of the company where they wouldn't be. (More in detail)

Access to VPN by means of mobile (CDMA) the operator. (More in detail)

Video conferencing (More in detail)

Safety in a network (More in detail)

Satellite network (VSAT)

What is VSAT
Small satellite land stations (More in detail)

Sky Edge
Sky Edge it is the terminal of bilateral satellite communication performing packaging of interactive data exchange, broadband IP-technologies, obshchepolzovatelskoj and a corporate telephony and visual communication on a uniform VSAT-platform.(More in detail)

Feature of the decision on base iDirect are high speeds of data transmission and the big level of reliability and quality of transfer critical to delays vocal and traffic video. (More in detail)